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July 4, 2013


Infected with the highly contagious “sleep” syndrome, I sit in class, with my eyes barely open. And hey, that was some relief: I hear the bell go “trrrrringggg”. My teacher chooses to ignore the fact that there even exists a school bell and goes on. There is a pang of disturbance among my fellow mates, […]

Compassion, what an example!

November 14, 2012


Waiting for a fellow ‘van-mate’ in the morning; I, as usual was content staring outside the window without anything on my mind. But then suddenly, I noticed a stray dog haphazardly crossing the road. I have barely seen a dog; especially a stray dog traversing the road so bizarrely. Just as the few seconds of […]

Cinematic Independence

August 19, 2012


The 15th of August 2012: Finishing the flag hoisting ceremony at school, I came back home and with “nothing else to do” switched on the tv. Blaring announcements: ‘Poraali’ sponsored by Hamam, Aashirvaad Atta, Lux -buy 1 get 1 free; coming up next ‘Ko’…..66th Independence Day of India?? Sure?? Well, that has become the scenario […]

Namma Chennai’s old-world Charm

April 10, 2012


After going round and round in Adyar for quite some time, I finally found a rustic side-gate. A slab of granite cemented to the wall, beside the gate read ‘The Theosophical Society’. Resolutely disregarding the snags that I had faced in locating the place, I walked in. What a place it was! I never imagined […]

In Love with the Yellow Packets

April 9, 2012


I think Maggi is the best innovation ever made in food. Without Maggi, can you ever think about a quick breakfast, a snack or light dinner in just two minutes?? At least, I can’t. Though the market is flooded with other ready-to-cook-noodle companies, Maggi still sways them all. Maggi has made such a mark in […]

Voice of a Teen

March 20, 2012


The drastically varied phases of life are inevitable to every living being. You don’t choose who you are born as, but it’s in your hands to choose what you want to be. The character and skill you wish to possess can be honed at almost any point of time in your life, but the very […]