Marriage Meter

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Aditi was offering sweets to Arvind. She gave a smile that tried to hide her shyness, but she managed to easily spoil it…everybody saw it; and he…he was bird-watching her. It was their first meet at Aditi’s home, for a marriage proposal. They belonged to a simple middle-class family. Aditi’s family had come to this stage after a lot of struggle in their earlier days of life. So, at a very young age, she had seen everything in life; this had given her immense maturity to face life. The only thing that she was concerned was not a rich man, not a person from US, nor a very handsome-tall-guy. She wanted a good person to take care of her who will be a responsible person in the society too.

They both chatted for a while. They had varying tastes about various things and walks of life..but, this combination made them feel happiness of some sort…their cool and simple talk was coming to an end.

Aditi put out a last question, “Arvind, I want you to get enough points in my “MARRIAGE METER”; tell me one unique quality that you have, which will convince me accept your marriage proposal !” Arvind  did not waste much time and replied, “I have a special talent. I can smile and not smile at the same time, but that one smile gives me more happiness than laughter”. She stood there puzzled. He looked straight into her eyes and continued saying “When I see a helpless beggar on the road, I will offer him with all my heart. As I turn back, the beggar would give a subtle gesture of thanks. That moment…THAT MOMENT…the person inside me would give a happy, satisfied and contended smile. It is priceless”. “And what is your quality”..asked Arvind. Aditi said “I will be in the heart of the person who is giving that smile”. The marriage meter had no purpose anymore, they were ready for the next step in life.