In Love with the Yellow Packets

Posted on April 9, 2012 by


I think Maggi is the best innovation ever made in food. Without Maggi, can you ever think about a quick breakfast, a snack or light dinner in just two minutes?? At least, I can’t.

Though the market is flooded with other ready-to-cook-noodle companies, Maggi still sways them all. Maggi has made such a mark in our minds that we tend to call all other noodles as Maggi, no matter what the brand maybe.

Of course there maybe people who feel other brands are lot better than Maggi, but I will always say that Maggi is the best. The taste of Maggi barely leaves me even after finishing it long back. Sometimes, a sudden craving for a bowl of steaming Maggi erupts inside me and draws me to making a bowl of Maggi . Maybe not in the chocolate world, but in noodles, Nestle  maintains its monopoly over all its rivals. One can just not forget the yellow colored, Maggi packets ever. One last thing, it looks that I have been talking all goodie good of Maggi, because am a die-hard fan of Maggi!!

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