Delegate to empower…

Posted on April 4, 2012 by


One of my friends was sitting through a soft skills training program at his office. He is a part of the middle management cadre and has done more than 5 years at his office. His office takes soft skills training pretty seriously and it is a continuous process there and from the moment he joined till now, he has been a part of the continuous training process.

During the training, the trainer was telling them to delegate work to people and that they should take the risk of delegation. Else, it would be difficult to get others to perform. Some of the jobs that these guys do are so critical that it becomes too risky to delegate. However, the trainer wasn’t buying into this argument of theirs. Finally, this friend of mine asked the trainer, ‘Kishore, for the past 5 years, I have been attending this soft skills training program and you have been handling all our training sessions. Why haven’t you delegated any of your training sessions to other people in your organization?”. For which the trainer did not really have a straightforward answer. Where does that leave us?

To delegate or not to delegate cannot be the question. Instead, how to delegate and how to get the best out of others should be the question. After all, doesn’t delegation and getting the best out of others lead to empowerment?