A strange dog and a stray dog.

Posted on April 2, 2012 by


While on my morning walk I came across many dogs  and two dogs crossed each other. One was fat reflecting the number of bones it eats every day and its cleanliness symbolized the richness of its master. Yes it had a master, who had chained it and took the dog for a walk. The other one was lean, a stray dog who barely gets to have meals, forget about the meat. It had lot of dirty stains on its body, reflecting the fact that there are no clean water logs in the streets.

The strange dog did look happier than the stray dog. It was happy to follow his master waving its tails and the master took pride in holding its chain and showing the trespassers that he had a costly dog. On the other hand , the stray dog had to scan every passing shop for its food when it was hungry and it had  no master to lead. It had to draft its own path and find its food, place and mate on his own.[Since dogs don’t use clothing I replaced that primary need by another primary need:)]

I walked along thinking hard on which dog is having a comfortable life. It is a very subjective question and neither dogs had the freedom to select the life  they would want rather it was thrust upon them. The rich dog may seem comfortable, but does it really know the joy of barking with its peers on a dark night? Does it know the joy of picking up any girl it wishes on the street? Does it know the joy of eating the food it finds rather than feeding on what the master gives.? If it doesn’t know about it all, it will be a happy rich dog!

While I was returning from my walk, the stray dog relaxed its body looking at the sun and returned to sleep with much comfort on one side of the road.