The smart buffalo

Posted on February 18, 2012 by


A long time ago, the priest from my native village was on his way home during a thundershower. Clutching onto his wooden umbrella he walked as fast as he could when he came upon a narrow gate. It was just wide enough for one stout man to pass through and so the priest’s umbrella got stuck. He tried everything he knew but just couldn’t get past the gate.

The umbrellas in those days couldn’t be folded, nor could he afford to leave it behind. At his wit’s end, he saw a water buffalo headed towards the same gate. Looking at the buffalo’s horns, he smiled to himself, “There’s no way you’re getting past this damn gate with those long curving horns, my friend!”

To his disbelief, the buffalo calmly twisted his head sideways and breezed through the gate without even a second thought.

Silently the priest followed suit.

Never judge the capabilities of the people you interact with based on outward appearances.