Obstreperous Innocence

Posted on February 9, 2012 by


Waiting for my turn in the hair salon, I was watching obstreperous twins, may be 7plus, flipping magazines, talking gibberish about car’s, blazing songs from their mobile loudspeakers, irritating not only their father who was under the scissors but also the other folks around.

Salon was blessed with 2 minutes silence from the loud speakers, while the first boy broke the silence and said, “I keep asking mom, we need a sister, one like Shana’s”, 2nd boy frowning said, “Girly na na, I don’t mind a another obedient boy like Subu who will always do fielding while playing cricket”.  Such an innocent conversation spread smile across everybody’s face, just then their father getting a bit annoyed said “Kanna, can you both please play outside?”.

Boys seemed to be absolutely ignoring their father’s command, Boy 1 said, “hey sunny, how baby gets formed in amma’s stomach?”, now those seated very close to the boys were getting embarrassed including me, just imagine their father’s state who was halfway through his haircut, started scolding both in telugu. However the shouts had no effect on the boys, they just proceeded with their conversation. Boy 2 said “Venki, you know what parish told me about how babies……..”.  I decided to stop this further, and interrupted “hey boys, you are Venki & Sunny from Krishnaswamy school right ……” the twins raised their eyebrows,  gazed for a few seconds – I was astounded to see the same expression from both, one of them responding “we don’t talk to strangers”.  Next moment, the entire salon burst out laughing including his father who finished getting his hair cut by then. With an earnest smile, their father reached out to me with a smile saying “thanks for managing the kids”.

Both were just not noisy, but also spread their innocence & laughter across those matured minds sitting silently, drenched in their own silos,  giving them a nice break. I could see a few still smiling thinking about the twins, despite the fact that they left minutes ago.