Porter – Selvam

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Central Station

Central Station & Porters are inseparable; Porters and Haggling are the same.  One way or the other most of us carry some interesting experience with porters, mostly notorious ones like paying few more bucks than negotiated amount. Often we pay in apprehension of profanity and the abusiveness nature of their conversations.  This was my perception generally about porters until 24 Oct 2007.

My grandpa aged 70 was traveling from Palghat to chennai, misplaced his wallet in his own travel bag. His travel bag  has numerous pockets and him being over cautious had hidden it so well that he couldn’t find it himself.  “Chennai Mail” reached its final destination, Central station. The entire coach left except perhaps my grandpa. He appeared like a cartoon character because of his increased stress levels due to his missing wallet. Porter Selvam, who was watching him from Platform 6, approched my grandpa and helped him bring his luggage to the taxi stand, despite knowing the fact that his wallet is lost. Upon helping him board a taxi, he told him in jest, “Sir next time we meet, pay me with interest”.

My daughter at home managed to find his wallet, deeply sandwiched between betel leaf bundles. During my next visit to central station, I took a snap of porters while inquiring about Selvam. Picture & tale in due respect to good souls who extend their helping hands to needy with no expectation of reward.