1 idiot

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sinΘ =opp/hyp; cos=Θ=adj/hyp; tanΘ=opp/adj;  secΘ=hyp/adj; cosecΘ=hyp/opp;  cotΘ= adj/opp.

Let the dice (cube) with six faces each be labeled opp/hyp ; adj/hyp ; opp/adj; hyp/adj ; hyp/opp ; adj/opp and in the board we can have 6×6 MATRIX each bearing any of these six (sin, cos, tan, sec, cosec, and cot), with  snakes and ladders criss-crossing the matrices like usual snake and ladder game. Whew, that was cool Trig.

“Idiot!” screamed my Math teacher and woke me from my class dreaming of Trigonometry. I rolled myself in, from the prying eyes and her stare. “Are you sleeping ?” All the bright boys & girls laughed and the averager’s like me gave a consoling look.

“Sorry mam, I was thinking”, I replied with my face turning red. She bellowed, oozing with irritation”Dont, just listen. With your marks in Geometry and Calculus, only your parents should be THINKING whether to continue your education”.

This is how my school days went and I managed to flunk Math in my school,  mustering 20 marks in Trigonometry alone. I chose biology in my higher secondary and went on to major in Biology.

Now, after 10 years, being part of the edutainment industry I find solace in “snake & ladder – ace the trig”, my idea, being used by my colleague to teach Trigonometry to school kids. He has very good feedback on it – so he says. Quite often, he asks why I did not choose to study Maths. May be, if I had been left to think…