I wasn’t scared at all Daddy, I know you will come…

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Vicky and his daughter each dote on each other. Like every 8 year old, Vicky’s daughter also expected him to drop her and pick her up from school. Vicky almost always drops her but rarely gets to pick her up due to his office timings and the fact that he works out of town.

One day, he dropped her at school and promised to pick her up that evening. She was extremely happy hearing that. A few hours later, there was an earthquake in the city and the tremors were felt throughout the city. His daughter’s school was one of the places that was severely damaged due to the tremor. On hearing this, Vicky dashed to the school.

Vicky’s daughter was stuck beneath massive piles of building blocks and wood. Pitch dark, severely hurt, hard to breathe, with very little strength to move, the kid was lying and wondering when her father would arrive to rescue her. Hours passed by but she did not lose hope. Several hours later a massive block of brick above her head moved away and a beam of light hit her face and her father was standing there. Her father hugged her carefully and consoled her not to be scared any more and that he is there.

The little one, though weak with eyes only half open lying in her father’s arms just replied “I wasn’t scared at all Daddy, I know you will come, because you promised me in the morning to pick me up back from school”.