Hope is not a strategy!

Posted on January 26, 2012 by


There is this company whom I was consulting 2 years ago. Their CEO use to discuss with me to understand my perspectives on areas that were away from my consulting engagement as well. Once he was trying to understand a problem and he wasn’t able to put a finger on the solution.

He had his sales people and delivery heads give him targets at the beginning of the year with quarterly break-ups. Almost always, they never achieved their targets. He tried figuring out the reasons for this and he did not get much in way of answers from the same people who gave the targets in the first place. He was racking his brains as to the fact that there have to be some logic behind the targets that were committed in the beginning of the year but wasn’t able to figure out. He discussed this with me.

I thought about it for a while and I told him, your sales people and delivery heads at the beginning of the year were hoping that they would be able to achieve the numbers that they committed, and ‘hope’ was their only strategy. Hence, you haven’t hit the numbers.

Essentially, hope is not a strategy. Just to extend this, ASAP is not a timeline and availability is not a skill.