Honesty and Integrity certainly pays when it comes to Vadas!

Posted on January 26, 2012 by


I was in the queue for my morning breakfast in our office cafe. The menu included Idli, Vada and Idiyappam and we are free to choose what we want. One of my north Indian colleagues took just an Idli and asked for two Vadas. The caterer suggested him to take only one Vada and come back and buy more if he is content with the way it tastes. I was surprised and expressed it with my eyes. Seeing it the caterer told me “Sir, Today the Vada is a little harder as there is some problem with the batter. So I have asked them to stop making Vadas. It will be bad on my part to sell extra Vadas to a person while knowing that it is hard. That’s why I advised him so.” As he said that, I also realized his anxiety on whether the remaining 30 odd Vadas in the vessel can be sold, because the whole queue just heard what he just said.

Originally I thought of avoiding oily food on that day, but I did buy a Vada eagerly just to appreciate his integrity. Men do use tactics to deceive only when they are insecure. Its our onus to preserve such honesty and integrity, which is still left in some corners of our society, even by paying a little extra cost.