Being Calm – a lesson

Posted on January 26, 2012 by


My friend Andy was managing a betting shop in South London. Many of the customers can be quite a handful and a few the football hooligan type. Tempers can flare when it comes to money and it takes a calm head to keep your cool.

One day Andy got into an argument with noisy and rowdy customer. As things got heated, the customer threatened to smash Andy’s face up and asked him to come out of his office cubicle. Andy being the calm type did not get angry, rather politely said “we close shop at 1830 hrs and I’ll meet you then. I am not paid to smash you up, I’ll see you after work”. The customer with his crew cut and chelsea football shirt agreed and left the betting shop in a hurry.

Few girls were working with Andy that day and asked Andy why he gave the time and location to a hooligan-type character and that they feared for his safety. Andy was calm, the girls left early as their shift was over. Andy was responsible for closing shop and as he was closing the shop he could not find the rowdy customer. Rather his colleagues (girls who witnessed the argument) were there outside. Andy asked them what they were doing. They tried to say that they were worried about Andy’s safety and came to look  out for him. Later they admitted that they wanted to see if any real action took place.

Moral of the story 1 : Be Calm and React slowly, the other party might forget about the issue.

Moral 2 : You will never be short of spectators to watch thamashas.